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World Text

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World Text

The World Text object is used to communicate messages to players with text that floats in world space.



Object: World Text

Category: Communication


Hide.png Hide Hide the object. The object will exist if hidden and can be shown again later using Show.
Show.png Show Show the object if it is hidden. The object can be hidden again with Hide.




Property Type Description
Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Text String The text to display in the map. Can be fixed or variable.
Text Color RGB Color The red, green and blue components of the RGB text color. Can be fixed or variable.
Always Facing Boolean If true, the text will always face the player.
Text Size Number The size of the text.
Blink Boolean If true, the text will flash repeatedly.
Show On Start Boolean If true, this object will be shown on map start.
Show Distance Integer The maximum distance, in game units, at which the text can still be seen.
Enable Text Frame Boolean If true, the world text will have a frame.
Frame Color RGB Color The red, green and blue components of the RGB frame color value.

Hidden Text Formatting

Beyond those properties listed above, in the text box, players may also customize the color of their text through inserting the following modifiers before their text. For example, ^cUsertext here, would display Usertext here in a goldish yellow color. When input correctly, the modifier immediately changes the text typed afterward into the color.

Color modifiers
Color Modifier Description
^c, ^<, ^\, ^L) Goldish yellow.
^d, ^+, ^M Pale yellow.
^b, ^;, ^X, ^K Gray.
^f, ^?, ^_, ^O Light blue.
^e, ^>, ^N Red.
^g Orange.
^h Mild blue.
^a, ^:, ^Z, ^J Brown.
^1, ^A, ^Q Bright red.
^2, ^R, ^B Bright green.
^3, ^C Bright yellow.
^4, ^D, ^T Bright dark blue.
^5, ^E, ^U Bright light blue.
^6, ^V Bright purple.
^7, ^z, ^W, ^G White.
^8, ^H Light gray.
^9, ^0, ^Y, ^I, ^P Black.