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Transmission Message

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Transmission Message

The Transmission Message object is used to send animated messages directly to a player's HUD.



Object: Transmission Message

Category: Communication


Show.png Show Show the Message.


Finished.png On Message Finished When the message has finished, send a signal. The activator is unchanged from the input signal.


Property Type Description
Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Transmission Message String The message to display.
Speaker String The name of the person speaking.
Speaker Image Enum The image of the person speaking.
Message Duration Number The number of seconds that the message will be displayed.
Notify Incomming Message Boolean Include additional notification of incoming message.
Encrypted Message Boolean If true, play additional animation to decrypt the message.
Decryption Mode Enum If Encrypted Message is true, use the selected mode to decrypt the message.
Sound Enum The sound used to accompany the message.

Hidden Text Formatting

Beyond those properties listed above, in the message box, players may also customize the color of their text through inserting the following modifiers before their text. For example, ^cUsertext here, would display Usertext here in a goldish yellow color. When input correctly, the modifier immediately changes the text typed afterward into the color.

Color modifiers
Color Modifier Description
^c, ^<, ^\, ^L) Goldish yellow.
^d, ^+, ^M Pale yellow.
^b, ^;, ^X, ^K Gray.
^f, ^?, ^_, ^O Light blue.
^e, ^>, ^N Red.
^g Orange.
^h Mild blue.
^a, ^:, ^Z, ^J Brown.
^1, ^A, ^Q Bright red.
^2, ^R, ^B Bright green.
^3, ^C Bright yellow.
^4, ^D, ^T Bright dark blue.
^5, ^E, ^U Bright light blue.
^6, ^V Bright purple.
^7, ^z, ^W, ^G White.
^8, ^H Light gray.
^9, ^0, ^Y, ^I, ^P Black.