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Sub Objective

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Sub Objective

The sub objectives detail the steps needed to achieve the main objective.



Object: Sub Objective

Category: Communication


AddSubObjective.png Add Sub Objective Adds a sub objective on the HUD.
Add.png Increment Sub Objective Progress Signify the player has advanced the sub objective by 1. If the completed objective count for this sub objective is equal to the max count, it will be completed.
Set.png Set Sub Objective Progress Sets the sub objective progress.
Modify.png Save Sub Objective Progress Caches the sub objective progress to be loaded with the load action. Useful for checkpoints.
Reset.png Load Sub Objective Progress Loads the sub objective progress with a previously saved value. If no saved value, it will reset progress to zero.


Finished.png On Sub Objective Complete When the sub objective is completed, send a signal. There is no activator.


Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Text String Text to display for this objective.
Sub Objective Count Number Number of times the sub objective needs to be triggered to be complete.
Sub Objective Progress Output Number Number of times the sub objective has been triggered.