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SnapMap Modules

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  1. str_snap_module_category_function_90" "90 BEND"
  2. str_snap_module_category_function_arena" "ARENA"
  3. str_snap_module_category_function_coupler" "COUPLER"
  4. str_snap_module_category_function_cross" "CROSS"
  5. str_snap_module_category_function_deadend" "DEAD END"
  6. str_snap_module_category_function_hallway" "HALLWAY"
  7. str_snap_module_category_function_hub" "HUB"
  8. str_snap_module_category_function_jog" "JOG"
  9. str_snap_module_category_function_multilevel" "TALL"
  10. str_snap_module_category_function_passthrough" "PASSTHROUGH"
  11. str_snap_module_category_function_setpiece" "SETPIECE"
  12. str_snap_module_category_function_stairs" "STAIRS"
  13. str_snap_module_category_function_tjunction" "T-JUNCTION"
  1. str_snap_module_category_motif_deathpit" "DEATH PIT"
  2. str_snap_module_category_motif_disodium" "DISODIUM-37"
  3. str_snap_module_category_motif_lava" "LAVA"
  4. str_snap_module_category_motif_none" "NONE"
  5. str_snap_module_category_motif_slime" "SLIME"
  6. str_snap_module_category_motif_steam" "STEAM VENT"
  1. str_snap_module_category_size_huge" "^5^7HUGE"
  2. str_snap_module_category_size_large" "^4^7LARGE"
  3. str_snap_module_category_size_medium" "^3^7MEDIUM"
  4. str_snap_module_category_size_small" "^2^7SMALL"
  5. str_snap_module_category_size_tiny" "^1^7TINY"
  1. str_snap_module_category_title_function" "FUNCTION"
  2. str_snap_module_category_title_height" "HEIGHT CHANGE"
  3. str_snap_module_category_title_portals" "DOOR COUNT"
  4. str_snap_module_category_title_size" "SIZE"
  5. str_snap_module_category_title_theme" "THEME"
  6. str_snap_module_category_title_version" "VERSION"
  1. str_snap_module_category_version_dlc1" "DLC: HELL"
  2. str_snap_module_category_version_dlc2" "DLC: WHITE COLLAR"
  3. str_snap_module_category_version_dlc3" "DLC: CLASSIC"
  4. str_snap_module_category_version_dlc4" "DLC: DLC4"
  1. str_snap_module_category_version_release" "INITIAL RELEASE"
  1. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_bigroom" "Designed for an earlier version of the thermal discharge process, this room is hardly ever flooded with supercooled liquid without warning."
  2. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_climber_05" "Tall and complex, this room features multiple overlapping catwalks and exits at various heights."
  3. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_dc_mod_room_01" "Multiple levels of overlapping catwalks with access to an observation room at the top."
  4. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_dc_mod_room_02" "A tall and wide room featuring curved hallways and catwalks. Can you find the secret room?"
  5. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_dc_mod_room_06" "When power relays go bad they're brought here. And we all know that Power Relay 8623 has been very, very bad indeed."
  6. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_dc_mod_room_07" "UAC offers repair bays of varying shapes, sizes and application. This one comes with an optional equipment fire."
  7. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_entry_large" "A broad loading area downstairs surrounded by a handful of entrances and exits."
  8. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_fat_90_incline" "A moderately-sized room filled with overlapping catwalks and a stark, red glow."
  9. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_fat_90_pit" "An open, multi-floor area where interesting things can happen with light."
  10. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_huge_pit" "Keep your head and arms inside the railings at all times. Exposure to Disodium-37 may cause dizziness, insomnia and loss of appetite."
  11. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_jogged_hall_trench" "A pair of hallways separated by a thermal cooling pit. Jump, climb or fall."
  12. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_long_hall_catwalk_wide" "A maze of twisty little catwalks, all alike."
  13. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_maze_room_attic" "A steam vortex on the lower floor promotes thermal cooling. This maze of catwalks features some tricky dead ends and sweet jumps."
  14. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_movement_02" "Long catwalks span a deep, smoldering cooling pit. Watch your step."
  15. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_movement_07" "An expansive thermal cooling pit. Lots of room to move, horizontally and vertically."
  16. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_movement_08" "Vertical Transfer features multiple catwalks for easy access to pipes. Nearly all of the facility's Disodium-37 flows through this room."
  17. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_pinwheel_room" "Pipes and stairs dominate this loop-shaped room. Red light casts an eerie glow from the Mixom OneStream plasma core."
  18. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_storage" "Various dead ends, climb-ups and drop holes make this module perfect for puzzle or combat gameplay."
  19. str_snap_module_desc_a_ind_vats_01" "Molten slag flows into the vats where it is processed and refined before beginning the thermal cooling process. Let's cook breakfast."
  20. str_snap_module_desc_aa_ind_hub_cross_basement" "An expansive space featuring broad catwalks, 3 stories of hallways and a lovely pit of toxic slime."
  21. str_snap_module_desc_aa_ind_icon_of_sin" "Is this the end? Is this the opening to Hell? Descending staircases? Belief over science, surely it's too wide and vast."
  22. str_snap_module_desc_aa_ind_pyramid_of_death" "Huge pipes and condenser coils converge on a single space, concentrating enormous amounts of energy here."
  23. str_snap_module_desc_aaa_ind_warehouse" "Tall ceilings, high catwalks and abandoned cargo trolleys. A useful mix of cover and open lines of fire."
  24. str_snap_module_desc_attic" "A large multi-story space featuring cantilevered staircases intermixed with wide open sight-lines. Great for parties!"
  25. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_bunker" "Squarish and short, this room offers good cover for interesting combat."
  26. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_crossover" "With a short catwalk between and across the entrances, this small crossover features security window access from all 4 corners."
  27. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_hub_90" "A flexible space with 4 doors and a set of diagonal stairs and wide catwalks."
  28. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_hub_cross_catwalk" "Nicknamed 'The Heatlamp' by prankster engineers, the center charges to 5950 kelvin in under 20 seconds. Largely unused after the accident."
  29. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_hub_cross_pillars" "Before the advent of the new thermal transfer process, this room was used for spontaneous coolant overflow in the event of a core breach."
  30. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_hub_incline" "A wide split catwalk with access to 4 doors. Connect some hallways (may we recommend Simple Hallway?) and add some gameplay."
  31. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_i_incline" "A set of halls with mirrored exits. UAC would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Disodium-37 is almost definitely not lethally toxic."
  32. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_long_hall" "A long, narrow hallway with a bump in the middle. Zero visibility between the doors means opportunity for surprises."
  33. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_long_hall_catwalk" "A long, straight hallway suspended above a shimmering pool of Disodium-37. I wonder if you can stand on those pipes?"
  34. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_longer_hall" "A bottomless pit. A perfect shooting gallery for demons. And sunlight that bends at strange angles. There's only one way in or out of The Reach."
  35. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_loopback_stairs" "Long staircases wrap around a pair of central security rooms."
  36. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_small_4way" "Something has gone awry in this steam venting thermal access corridor. Keep away from open flame."
  37. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_small_arena_01" "Ionization cooling pipes abound in this multilevel space. Never look directly into the outlet!"
  38. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_small_room01" "A simple space with a 90-degree bend and a small, blue nook."
  39. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_small_room02" "The moderate size and narrow access of this repair bay limits its use to handheld and plasma-powered tools."
  40. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_small_room03" "The recharge room features higher ceilings than most UAC repair bays, allowing for larger tools and equipment."
  41. str_snap_module_desc_b_ind_the_gap" "Dead ends and short hallways, some of the catwalks are under construction. Mind the gap."
  42. str_snap_module_desc_big_blank_room" "A large, cold space built to spy on subjects from above. A blank canvas for building gameplay."
  43. str_snap_module_desc_bunker_end" "A large hallway built to allow for bidirectional egress. When egress efficiency matters, Bunker is the best choice."
  44. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_90_incline_short" "A small hallway filled with steam-release valves and a steep climb-up."
  45. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_climb_s" "A short hallway featuring a twist, a climb and 3,600 gallons of Disodium-37 per minute."
  46. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_climb_u" "A corridor that really knows its place, the U-shaped hallway with a climb-up does the job and does it well."
  47. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_cross_small" "A small 4-door hallway with steam vents."
  48. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_cross_small_incline" "High doors and low doors, with a climb to get out. Lock it down and it becomes quite workable as a killing jar."
  49. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_double_curve" "A tall, curved, Y-shaped hallway junction."
  50. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_incline_s" "Under twisting catwalks and over stairs, toxic chemicals have to get from one place to another. This is how."
  51. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_incline_u" "A turnabout with stairs and that romantic purple glow that only Disodium-37 can offer."
  52. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_simple_90" "It's small, it's simple and it turns 90 degrees."
  53. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_simple_cross" "A tiny 4-way industrial hallway. Simple yet elegant in its design."
  54. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_simple_straight" "Whenever you have amazing, gameplay-filled rooms that need connecting, Simple Hallway is here."
  55. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_simple_t" "A simple T-junction hallway."
  56. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_simple_u" "A simple, industrial hallway that bends back on itself. Use with reckless abandon."
  57. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_spiral_stairs_2_story" "A short, spiral staircase. Over an open pit of toxic slime."
  58. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_spiral_stairs_4_story" "A longer spiral staircase. Also over an open pit of toxic slime."
  59. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_spiral_stairs_6_story" "Six stories of stairs winding their way to the top. Above, you guessed it: an open pit of toxic slime."
  60. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_straight_incline_2story" "A short, solid hallway with doors 2 floors apart."
  61. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_straight_incline_3story" "A longer hallway with 3 staircases. Does one thing very well."
  62. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_t_incline" "A small T-junction with a climb-up."
  63. str_snap_module_desc_c_ind_y_split" "Stocky and industrial, a Y-shaped split room."
  64. str_snap_module_desc_cargo_room" "Storing and moving around cargo is serious business. Here is where the robots arms meet the heavy cargo containers."
  65. str_snap_module_desc_climber_01" "One of many large stairwells built for personnel to evacuate in an emergency. This particular space transitions 10 stories."
  66. str_snap_module_desc_clot_room" "This medium sized space is built around a thermal reaction exhaust port for the central power core. "
  67. str_snap_module_desc_computer_room" "Featuring four sets of mainframe access terminals all located at convenient second floor workstations."
  68. str_snap_module_desc_control_room" "Provides an isolated safe room for operators to observe foot traffic and glare knowingly from behind bulletproof glass."
  69. str_snap_module_desc_coupler_256" "A UAC industrial connection created to fix those pesky rounding errors inherent to Mars architectural designs."
  70. str_snap_module_desc_coupler_512" "Used to bring together those challenging spaces that fall just short of connecting. Often referred to as the matchmaker."
  71. str_snap_module_desc_coupler_768" "Used by UAC engineers when all other connections won't do. You'll need it too."
  72. str_snap_module_desc_crossover_big" "A multi-floor crossover space above a slime pit."
  73. str_snap_module_desc_e1m1_armor_room" "A dead end built around a disconnected computer terminal, now used to store body armor and various munitions."
  74. str_snap_module_desc_engineroom" "A small room featuring fuel storage for the backup generators and a control panel or two."
  75. str_snap_module_desc_exit_small" "A standard UAC industrial cargo elevator. Often used to transition from level to level."
  76. str_snap_module_desc_foundry" "A huge space with tons of ledge grabs, jump areas, and a giant pit of molten lava to wash it all down."
  77. str_snap_module_desc_grid_bridges" "An enormous work area filled with interwoven catwalks positioned above molten casting vats."
  78. str_snap_module_desc_hub_huge_6way" "This HUB space is often used at the center of a UAC industrial core. Loads of tech gear mixed with wide egress corridors."
  79. str_snap_module_desc_ind_90" "A standard UAC industrial corridor used in many facilities. First used in Phobos labs."
  80. str_snap_module_desc_ind_90_climb" "A standard UAC industrial corridor intended to connect two floors. Achieved with great success."
  81. str_snap_module_desc_ind_90_curve" "A version 2.0 UAC Industrial corridor used to add organic harmony to the original 90 Degree bend."
  82. str_snap_module_desc_ind_90_incline" "A stair corridor intended to connect two floors with human accessible stairs. The cornerstone of every UAC offworld facility!"
  83. str_snap_module_desc_ind_cross" "Can connect four of your favorite spaces together, bringing long lost friends together again."
  84. str_snap_module_desc_ind_h" "A multifunctional industrial corridor built to connect up to four additional spaces. Use with caution."
  85. str_snap_module_desc_ind_s" "An essential part of every UAC installation. Featuring not one but two beautiful right angles of industrial hallway glory."
  86. str_snap_module_desc_ind_straight" "The workhorse of the UAC industrial corridor spaces. Used to connect everything to everything else."
  87. str_snap_module_desc_ind_straight_climb" "A two story Straight Hallway with a missing staircase. Better bring your climbing boots!"
  88. str_snap_module_desc_ind_straight_incline" "It's the hallway everyone is always talking about. Two stories, two doors and a swanky staircase."
  89. str_snap_module_desc_inner_rooms_attic" "The underside of a primary power reactor where the cooling rods reside. Some things in here don't react well to bullets."
  90. str_snap_module_desc_int_t" "A three way corridor providing the much discussed fork in the road. This metaphor is literal."
  91. str_snap_module_desc_int_u" "A semi-circle industrial hallway. For those looking to snake out of sight or turn a full 180 on life."
  92. str_snap_module_desc_jog_256" "Used to connect spaces that have shifted due to unforeseen geological anomalies or simply due to bad planning."
  93. str_snap_module_desc_jog_512" "Used to connect spaces that are offset by a staggering lateral distance. Used by UAC engineers to traverse subterranean hot spots."
  94. str_snap_module_desc_jog_512_wide" "The big brother to the Jog Large, used when lateral shifts just aren't enough to get the job done."
  95. str_snap_module_desc_jogged_room_incline" "All this high tech machinery generates quite a bit of nasty toxic sludge. It all comes here to get converted to drinking water."
  96. str_snap_module_desc_jogged_room_pit" "A large multi-tiered space with tons of cover opportunities, ample storage, and a comfortable iceberg blue hue."
  97. str_snap_module_desc_ledges" "A combination space used for both the storage and testing of high tech experimental weaponry."
  98. str_snap_module_desc_long_hall_wide" "A medium sized space intended to allow moisture release from toxic slime throughout the facility. Also contains a cool secret area!"
  99. str_snap_module_desc_m" "A shipping and storing crossover space featuring high windows and elevated work areas. "
  100. str_snap_module_desc_mod_hall_01" "A S shaped industrial corridor with a centralized staircase. Think of this as a speed bump in hallway form."
  101. str_snap_module_desc_mod_hall_02" "This compact, well-ventilated room pumps Disodium-37 between processing areas."
  102. str_snap_module_desc_mod_room_03" "This multi-floor transitional space is built around a molten slag run-off trench. It can get really hot in this cramped space!"
  103. str_snap_module_desc_mod_room_04" "This large transitional space surrounds two superheated molten flows."
  104. str_snap_module_desc_mod_room_05" "A small room built to transfer molten slag from one part of the facility to another while removing impurities."
  105. str_snap_module_desc_mod_room_08" "A medium sized space intended to provide easy access to power cores, specimens, and other frequently used equipment."
  106. str_snap_module_desc_movement_01" "The Dam was quite a tourist attraction when the facility was built."
  107. str_snap_module_desc_movement_03" "A medium sized space used to circulate air throughout the facility."
  108. str_snap_module_desc_movement_09" "Where molten slag is melted to remove impurities at 1300 degrees. Also a great space to jump around with reckless abandon!"
  109. str_snap_module_desc_observation" "A medium sided space with six connections on multiple floors. Frequently used at the center of a UAC operations facility."
  110. str_snap_module_desc_pedestal_room" "Filled with complex equipment likely understood by only a small number of people."
  111. str_snap_module_desc_pinwheel_room_incline" "A medium sized multi floor space built around a toxic sludge flow. Holding your breath is recommended."
  112. str_snap_module_desc_pinwheel_room_pit" "A central control room flanked by elevated catwalks, floating high above a pool of deadly Disodium-37."
  113. str_snap_module_desc_pit_jump" "A surprisingly hazardous space built to churn molten metals into a hellish steel toffee. No hand railings so watch your step!"
  114. str_snap_module_desc_player_start" "A small dead end room. Great for secrets, entrances, and storing industrial waste!"
  115. str_snap_module_desc_prison" "This patented open cell design matches the incarceration needs of any offworld research facility."
  116. str_snap_module_desc_reactor" "A mammoth space surrounding a powerful Argent Energy ribbon. Ignore your radiation alarms, nothing to be concerned about!"
  117. str_snap_module_desc_s_ind_elevator_shaft_stackable" "#str_snap_module_desc_s_ind_elevator_shaft_stackable"
  118. str_snap_module_desc_s_ind_o" "This circle of death features some excellent hiding spots for surprise demon attacks and loot caches."
  119. str_snap_module_desc_straight_large" "This UAC industrial corridor is an upgraded version of the tiny Straight Hallway. "
  120. str_snap_module_desc_triple_up" "A medium sized space used to receive large shipments from other facilities to sort and ship elsewhere."
  121. str_snap_module_desc_turbo" "A huge space with two huge molten mixers. The perfect spot for a weekend picnic."
  122. str_snap_module_desc_up_and_over" "A medium sized space that continues the UAC tradition of placing acrobatic apparatus above giant vats of deadly molten metal."
  123. str_snap_module_desc_vats_05" "A huge metal reduction chamber inside a vast space filled with catwalks precariously placed over spinning molten death."
  124. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_attic" "TRANSFER AREA"
  125. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_big_blank_room" "OBSERVATION"
  126. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_bigroom" "COOLANT SUPPORT CHAMBER"
  127. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_climber_01" "CLIMBER"
  128. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_climber_05" "LOOSE SCREW"
  129. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_control_room" "SECURITY CHECKPOINT"
  130. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_dc_mod_room_01" "BULKHEAD OBSERVATION"
  131. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_dc_mod_room_02" "CONTAINER STORAGE ALPHA"
  132. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_dc_mod_room_06" "POWER RELAY MAINTENANCE"
  133. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_dc_mod_room_07" "REPAIR BAY 9"
  134. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_entry_large" "ENTRANCE"
  135. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_fat_90_incline" "RED LIGHT ZONE"
  136. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_fat_90_pit" "SKYLIGHT NINE"
  137. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_huge_pit" "DISODIUM-37 COOLING PIT"
  138. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_jogged_hall_trench" "DOUBLE HALLWAY"
  139. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_jogged_room_pit" "COMMAND OVERLOOK"
  140. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_ledges" "FIRING CHAMBER"
  141. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_long_hall_catwalk_wide" "WIDE CATWALK"
  142. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_long_hall_wide" "TOXIC FLOW ROOM"
  143. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_maze_room_attic" "MULTILEVEL STORAGE"
  144. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_mod_hall_01" "HEAT EXCHANGE S CURVE"
  145. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_mod_hall_02" "DISODIUM-37 OVERFLOW"
  146. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_mod_room_03" "SLAG RUN-OFF"
  147. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_mod_room_04" "SUPERHEATER OVERFLOW"
  148. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_movement_01" "SLAG CONTROL DAM #3"
  149. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_movement_02" "SLAG COOLING PIT"
  150. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_movement_03" "AIRFLOW ENCLOSURE"
  151. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_movement_07" "STACKED SLAG COOLING PIT"
  152. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_movement_08" "DISODIUM-37 VERTICAL TRANSFER"
  153. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_movement_09" "CIRCULATION FURNACE"
  154. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_pedestal_room" "MACHINE ROOM"
  155. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_pinwheel_room" "PINWHEEL ROOM"
  156. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_pinwheel_room_incline" "TOXIC FLOW CONTROL"
  157. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_pinwheel_room_pit" "DISODIUM-37 REFINERY"
  158. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_prison" "PRISON"
  159. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_storage" "STORAGE"
  160. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_triple_up" "RECEIVING"
  161. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_up_and_over" "MOLTEN CATWALKS"
  162. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_vats_01" "THE VATS"
  163. str_snap_module_displayname_a_ind_vats_05" "MOLTEN VATS"
  164. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_heatwave_2" "HEATWAVE"
  165. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_hub_huge_6way" "SYSTEMS HUB"
  166. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_chasm" "HANGAR"
  167. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_grid_bridges" "CASTING CHAMBER"
  168. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_hub_cross_basement" "BASEMENT HUB"
  169. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_icon_of_sin" "ICON OF SIN"
  170. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_inner_rooms_attic" "COOLING CORE"
  171. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_observation" "OPERATIONS CENTER"
  172. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_pyramid_of_death" "PYRAMID OF DEATH"
  173. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_reactor" "REACTOR CORE"
  174. str_snap_module_displayname_aa_ind_turbo" "REHEATING FURNACE"
  175. str_snap_module_displayname_aaa_ind_cargo_room" "CROSSOVER CARGO STATION"
  176. str_snap_module_displayname_aaa_ind_foundry" "FOUNDRY"
  177. str_snap_module_displayname_aaa_ind_warehouse" "WAREHOUSE"
  178. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_bunker" "BUNKER"
  179. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_bunker_end" "BUNKER END"
  180. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_clot_room" "THERMAL EXHAUST ACCESS"
  181. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_crossover" "CATWALK CROSSOVER"
  182. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_crossover_big" "SLIME CATWALK CROSSOVER"
  183. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_engineroom" "ENGINE ROOM"
  184. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_h" "HALLWAY H"
  185. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_hub_90" "HUB 90"
  186. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_hub_cross_catwalk" "THE HEATLAMP"
  187. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_hub_cross_pillars" "PIPE OVERFLOW RELEASE"
  188. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_hub_incline" "DOUBLE SPLIT HALLWAY"
  189. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_i_incline" "HALLWAY H STAIRS"
  190. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_jogged_room_incline" "SLUDGE PROCESSING"
  191. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_long_hall" "LONG HALL"
  192. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_long_hall_catwalk" "LONG HALL CATWALK"
  193. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_longer_hall" "THE REACH"
  194. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_loopback_stairs" "RED OVERWATCH"
  195. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_m" "SORTING AREA"
  196. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_mod_room_05" "THERMAL TRANSFER"
  197. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_mod_room_08" "ALCOVES"
  198. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_pit_jump" "REFINING CHAMBER"
  199. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_small_4way" "STEAM JUNCTION"
  200. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_small_arena_01" "STEAM SILO GAMMA"
  201. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_small_room01" "SMALL MAINTENANCE ROOM"
  202. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_small_room02" "REPAIR BAY OVERLOOK"
  203. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_small_room03" "TALL RECHARGE ROOM"
  204. str_snap_module_displayname_b_ind_the_gap" "THE GAP"
  205. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_90" "90 BEND"
  206. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_90_climb" "90 CLIMB"
  207. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_90_curve" "90 CURVE"
  208. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_90_incline" "90 STAIRS"
  209. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_90_incline_short" "90 STEAM CLIMB"
  210. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_climb_s" "DISODIUM-37 S CURVE"
  211. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_climb_u" "DISODIUM-37 U CURVE"
  212. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_coupler_256" "COUPLER SMALL"
  213. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_coupler_512" "COUPLER MEDIUM"
  214. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_coupler_768" "COUPLER LONG"
  215. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_cross" "LARGE CROSS"
  216. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_cross_small" "STEAM VENT CROSS"
  217. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_cross_small_incline" "STEAM VENT CROSS CLIMB"
  218. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_double_curve" "DOUBLE CURVE"
  219. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_incline_s" "DISODIUM-37 S CURVE STAIRS"
  220. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_incline_u" "DISODIUM-37 U CURVE STAIRS"
  221. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_jog_256" "JOG SMALL"
  222. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_jog_512" "JOG LARGE"
  223. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_jog_512_wide" "JOG LARGE WIDE"
  224. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_s" "HALLWAY S CURVE"
  225. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_simple_90" "SIMPLE 90"
  226. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_simple_cross" "SMALL CROSS"
  227. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_simple_straight" "SIMPLE HALLWAY"
  228. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_simple_t" "HALLWAY T"
  229. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_simple_u" "HALLWAY U"
  230. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_spiral_stairs_2_story" "2 STORY SPIRAL STAIRS"
  231. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_spiral_stairs_4_story" "4 STORY SPIRAL STAIRS"
  232. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_spiral_stairs_6_story" "6 STORY SPIRAL STAIRS"
  233. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_straight" "STRAIGHT HALLWAY"
  234. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_straight_climb" "HALLWAY CLIMB"
  235. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_straight_incline" "HALLWAY STAIRS"
  236. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_straight_incline_2story" "2 STORY HALLWAY STAIRS"
  237. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_straight_incline_3story" "3 STORY HALLWAY STAIRS"
  238. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_straight_large" "STRAIGHT LARGE HALLWAY"
  239. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_t" "SMALL T JUNCTION"
  240. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_t_incline" "T INCLINE"
  241. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_u" "HALLWAY U CURVE"
  242. str_snap_module_displayname_c_ind_y_split" "Y SPLIT"
  243. str_snap_module_displayname_s_ind_computer_room" "COMPUTER ROOM"
  244. str_snap_module_displayname_s_ind_e1m1_armor_room" "ARMOR HALL"
  245. str_snap_module_displayname_s_ind_elevator_shaft_stackable" "SLUDGE CROSSING"
  246. str_snap_module_displayname_s_ind_exit_small" "ELEVATOR"
  247. str_snap_module_displayname_s_ind_o" "O OF DESTRUCTION"
  248. str_snap_module_displayname_s_ind_player_start" "SMALL SKYLIGHT"