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The SnapHub menu is the one-stop shop for browsing curated, popular, new and featured content. It is also where you'll be able to find and participate in community events, such as double XP weekends.


Curated Content - Featured Maps Featured Maps consists of content that id and Bethesda have selected to showcase to the community. The community at large cannot directly publish maps to this playlist. If one of your maps is selected, it will be republished to the Featured Maps page. Author credit and community votes are still attributed to you. Featured Maps will be rotated on a regular basis.

Searching for content Select the Search menu tile and look up content using keywords or Map IDs (unique identifier for each map).

Publishing your SnapMaps To publish your SnapMap content, you'll need to 1) be online 2)have a DOOM ID (see below if you don't have one)3) have a map to publish and 4) a map name. Once you have the checkboxes listed above all ticked, select the "Save and Play" menu, then click on Publish. From here, you can set gameplay options for online and solo play, create search tags and customize your SnapHub tile's appearance. Select "Publish" to complete the action.

DOOM id You will need to create a DOOM id to publish SnapMap content and access other online SnapMap features. You will be notified if the DOOM id you've entered is not valid.

Map id Each published SnapMap has a Map ID that serves as its unique identifier. The Map ID can be found at the top right of the map details screen.