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Sequential Switches with Time Limit

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You may want to trigger an event if the player does two things within a certain time limit.

Two Switches, a Gate and a Timer

On the DOOM SnapMap forum thread Sequential switches within time limit, user AtomicUs5000 explains how to open a door when two switchs are hit within a 5 seconds of eachother (Reference Map ID: L2ZJQDG3).

The first panel represents the first thing the player is supposed to do and the second panel is the second thing. In this example, I use the first panel and I have 5 seconds to use the second panel. When you use the first panel, it becomes disabled and the second panel becomes enabled. If you use the second panel in time, the message will say "You did it in time!" If you don't use it in time, a message will say "Too Late! Start Over!" When this happens, the first panel becomes enabled and the second is disabled.

A gate has two inputs A and B. You can test a Gate at any time for specific conditions.
By default both inputs (A and B) of a Gate are initially FALSE.
When I use panel 1, I set A to TRUE.
When the timer is finished, it sets B to TRUE.
When I use panel 2, I test the Gate.
If one and only one input is TRUE, then this means the player did it in time. So the signal is sent through the XOR node.
If both A and B are TRUE, this means the timer ran out and the player has to start over. This signal is sent through the AND node.

There are two important things here...
1) When AND is signaled, you must reset the Gate by setting both A and B to FALSE.
2) When using the first panel, it must reset the timer first before starting the timer. (the reset does nothing the first time, but if the timer runs out it needs to be reset before it can be started again)