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Refollow After Combat

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AI Paths have an Unfollow for Combat property, but it is possible to tell demons to refollow after killing their enemy.

Use the Killer Activator on the On Killed Output

See the example map named AI Pathing - Refollow After Kill (YFSS6XJZ).

This example is a simple MOBA-style example with two demon teams charging at each other. They will both unfollow for combat, and the victor will refollow the path.

Connect two AI Path Points. On both points, set the Unfollow for Combat property to true and optionally set the Walk or Run property to Run.

Add a demon spawner, our example uses a Single Demon Encounter with the Encounter propert set to Single Hell Razer. Take the On Demon Spawned output from the demon spawner and connect it with a Set Team input into a Team Proxy. In the Set Team properties, select the desired team.

Take the On Demon Spawned output from the demon spawner and connect it with a Follow input to the first AI Path point. Your demon will now be assigned to a team and instructed to follow the path as soon it he spawns.

Add an AI Proxy. Take an On Killed output from the AI Proxy and connect it to a Follow input to an AI Path point. In the On Killed output's properties, change the Activator propert to Killer.

To make sure that demons only follow their own team's path, add a Team Filter (hover over the chain so that it turns orange, then select Options > Add Filter) between the On Killed output and Follow input. Open the Team Filter properties and select the appropriate demon team.

Repeat these steps to set up the other team(s) and path(s).