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Random Relay

A Random Relay will signal one of its outputs at random.



Object: Random Relay

Category: Flow


Signal.png Signal Signal the object. The signal contains an activator.
Reset.png Reset Signaled Outputs Reset signaled outputs to allow the Random Relay to reuse any previously signaled outputs.
Set.png Set Signal Count Change the number of outputs to be signaled for each input signal.


Signal.png On Random Relay Signaled When the Random Relay receives a Signal input, send the signal. The activator is unchanged from the input signal.


Property Type Description
Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Run Once Boolean If true, the object will only run once. Additional input signals will be ignored.
Choose Unique Outputs Boolean If true, the same output will not be picked more than once.
Reset Signaled Outputs Boolean If true, the signaled outputs will be reset after all of them have been signaled.
Signal Count Integer The number of outputs to be signaled for each input signal.