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Pressure Plate

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The Pressure Plate will signal its outputs when a player or demon stands on it.



Object: Pressure Plate

Category: Interactives

Type: Placeable Object


Setcolor.png Set Color Set the RGB color value as specified in the input's properties.
Disable.png Disable Interactable Disable the Interactable.
Enable.png Enable Interactable Enable the Interactable.
Hide.png Hide Hide the object. The object will exist if hidden and can be shown again later using Show.
Show.png Show Show the object if it is hidden. The object can be hidden again with Hide.
Delete.png Delete Delete the object from the map. An object can't reset, respawn or otherwise reappear for the remainder of the match.
Set poi.png Set Point Of Interest Apply a POI icon to the object.
Remove poi.png Clear Points Of Interest Remove any POIs that have been set.


Onentered.png On Entered When an object enters the volume, send a signal. The object is the activator.
Onexit.png On Exited When an object exits the volume, send a signal. The object is the activator.
Onexit all.png On Exited All When all objects have exited the trigger volume, send a signal. The last object to exit the volume is the activator.


Property Type Description
Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Custom Filter Grid Picker Limits who or what can use this object.
Color RGB The red, green and blue components of the RGB color value.
Cooldown Float After signaling its outputs, the trigger will wait this many seconds before it can be used again.