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Player Race

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The player can play as a human or a demon. Players have access to their weapons and equipment as humans. As a demon, a player's weapons are replaced by demon-specific attacks.

Playable Demons

The Demon type is defined in the Player Loadout's Demon Selection property. The player will become the selected demon if they pick up a Demon Rune or if their Race is changed through logic.

Baron of Hell Perform powerful ground pound and melee attacks.
Mancubus Attack with long-range rockets or a fiery area-of-effect vent blast.
Revenant Fly short distances and attack from above with a barrage of rockets.

Change Player Race

On the Player Proxy object, the Change Race input can be used to change a given player's race. The player must be the activator on the input's signal. The Change Race properties can toggle the race, or explicitly change a player to human or demon. ChangePlayerRace.PNG

Demon Rune Time Limit

The Demon Rune pickup will change a player's race to demon. Unlike the Demon Rune pickup in the multiplayer mode, the Demon Rune in SnapMap does not automatically change the player's race back after a certain time. To simulate the same behavior, connect a Demon Rune to a Player Proxy using the On Picked Up output and Change Race input. Add an Input Delay in the Change Race properties to control the length of time that the player will be a demon after picking up the Demon Rune.