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All Pickup items in this category share the same inputs and outputs



Object: Items

Category: Pickups

Type: Placeable Objects


Spawned.png Respawn Create another object. The settings may use the activator's position to decide the spawn location.
Hide.png Remove Remove the object. The object will be removed from the map.
Set poi.png Set Point Of Interest Apply a POI icon to the object.
Remove poi.png Clear Points Of Interest Remove any POIs that have been set.


Onpickup.png On Picked Up When an object is picked up, send a signal. The player who picked up the object is the activator.


Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Respawn Delay Float The number of seconds before the object will respawn after being picked up.
Spawn Delay Float The number of seconds before the object will spawn after the map starts.
Custom Filter Grid Picker Limits who or what can use this object.
Spawn on Start Boolean If true, this entity will spawn at the beginning of the level after the spawn delay.
Enable Bob and Rotate Boolean If false, the entity will be able to be places as a normal prop.


Below is a list of objects that make use of the inputs/outputs and properties defined above.