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POI Settings

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POI Settings

The POI Settings object defines the color, shape and look for point of interest icons.



Object: POI Settings

Category: Communication


Play.png Set Active Activate the object, allowing it to accept inputs and signal outputs.




Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Type Enum The look of the POI.
Icon Grid Picker The POI icon.
Icon Color RGB Color The red, green and blue components of the RGB icon color.
Text String Text for this POI.
Show Offscreen Boolean Draw POI even though it is offscreen.
Show Distance Boolean Display the distance to the POI.
Show Visible Only Boolean Display the POI only when it is within the player's sight.
Add to Compass Boolean If true and the "Show Compass" flag is turned on for Gameplay Settings, then display this POI on the compass.
POI Custom Filter Grid Picker Limits who can see this POI.