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The Objective controls HUD text, icons, or progress bars to help direct players to their goals.



Object: Objective

Category: Communication


Show.png Show Objective Show the objective on the HUD.
ShowTimer.png Show Timer Show a timer on the HUD.
ShowHealth.png Show Health Show the activator's health on the HUD. Expects an activator with health. Has an option to use a Large Health Bar similar to those used in the campaign's boss fights.
ShowCounter1.png Show Counter Show a counter on the HUD.
ShowResource.png Show Resource Show a resource, as defined in the input's properties, on the HUD.
Hide.png Hide Objective Hide the objective. The objective will exist if hidden and can be shown again later using Show.




Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Objective Color RGB Color Color for this objective.
Icon Grid Picker Icon image for this objective.
Text String Text to display for this objective.
Secondary Text String Secondary text to display for this objective.