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Welcome to The DOOM SnapMap Editing Wiki


DOOM® SnapMap - A powerful, but easy-to-use game and level editor that allows for limitless gameplay experiences on every platform. Anyone can snap together and customize maps, add pre-defined or custom gameplay, and edit game logic to create new modes. Instantly play your creation or make it available to players around the world.

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DOOM SnapMap Editing Info

Getting Started

Check the Getting Started page for basic info on how to edit.

The Editor

The editor has two modes that can help you layout your map and fill it with gameplay!

  • Blueprint Mode has all you need to know about connecting modules to make map layouts.
  • SnapMap Modules is a list of all shipping modules for SnapMap.
  • Object Mode has information about placing objects and using logic to create gameplay and modes in your maps.

Creating and Editing Logic

SnapMap has simple, yet powerful logic editing tools. If you're interested in creating something that stands out from the crowd, this section is for you.

  • SnapMap Objects are items placed in SnapMap that exist physically in the world.
  • SnapMap Logic contains all the SnapMap items that represent things you can change.
  • SnapMap Flow are items that let you do complex programming, like Variables and conditionals.
  • Basics contains pages with more detailed information on topics such as basic editor functionality, design and programming with logic.


Learn how to publish and browse the SnapHub for SnapMap content.

SnapMap Patterns

Map creators may want to check out the solutions to common design problems. These solutions are called Patterns. Patterns may include solutions for Managing AI, methods for Troubleshooting and Debugging, placing Auto-Pickup Weapons and more.

Know Your Limits

Learn how your Network/Objects/Memory resources are spent and what can you do to optimize their usage.

SnapMap Glossary

Visit the SnapMap Glossary for an index of DOOM SnapMap terminology, including links to information on what things are and how they work.

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