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Imps, ferocious and agile demons, are found all over Hell and are often used on the front line during concerted attacks in both dimensions.

Imps are an enemy that can either be directly placed or spawned through the Single Encounter spawner nodes.


While placed imps can have their behavior set as any other enemy (i.e. to ambush, defend, or hunt) imps also have the special privilege of having these behaviors roughly carried over into the encounter spawner nodes. This means that alongside the standard imp type, encounter spawner nodes also have horde and sentinel imps.

Standard imps will switch between throwing fireballs and physically attacking players. Horde imps will primarily rely on physical attacks. Sentinel imps will primarily rely on throwing fireballs. This allows users to choose to spawn imps without having to completely sacrifice the behavior settings that placing them would allow.

Imp Stats

Imp Stats
Health 150
Ranged Damage 15 (without fully charged fireballs)

25 (at full charge)

Melee Damage 7-8