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All FX in this category share the same inputs and outputs



Object: Special Effects & Hazards

Category: FX

Type: Placeable emitters (invisible until triggered)


Enable.png Enable Enable the hazard. This turns on both damage and visual effects
Disable.png Disable Disable the hazard. This turns off both damage and visual effects.
Enable.png Set Damage Set how much damage this hazard causes per damage interval. Using a variable as the input's Damage property will set the Hazard's damage to the variable's current value. The damage will not update when the variable changes value.
Setcolor.png Set Color Set the RGB color value as specified in the input's properties.


Onkilled.png On Kill When this hazard kills a target, send a signal with the target as the activator.
Hurt.png On Caused Damage When this hazard causes damage, send a signal.


Property Type Used with Description
Name String All FX The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Start Enabled Boolean All FX If true, the hazard will be enabled on map start.
Damage Integer All FX The amount of damage the hazard will cause per damage interval.
Damage Interval Float Only lingering FX/Hazards The number of seconds between each tick of damage.
Custom Filter Grid Picker All FX Limits who or what can use this object.
Color RGB Select FX The red, green and blue components of the RGB color value.
Size XYZ Size Only Invisible Hazard Object The dimensions of the object.
Damage Type Enum Only Invisible Hazard Object The type of damage to inflict on players or AI. The damage type will affect certain visual effects.


Below is a list of objects that make use of the inputs/outputs and properties defined above.