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A holographic recording. An echo of the past in the future.



Object: Echo

Category: FX

Type: Placeable Objects


Hide.png Hide Hide the object. The object will exist if hidden and can be shown again later using Show.
Show.png Show Show the object if it is hidden. The object can be hidden again with Hide.
Delete.png Delete Delete the object from the map. An object can't reset, respawn or otherwise reappear for the remainder of the match.
Set poi.png Set Animation Change the Animation of the Echo based on the input's properties.
Set poi.png Set Glitch Value Change the Glitch Value of the Echo based on the input's properties.
SetOpacity.png Set Opacity Change the Opacity of the Echo based on the input's properties.




Property Type Description
Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Show On Start Boolean If true, this object will be visible when the map starts.
Initial Animation Enum The animation that will play when the echo is shown. The animation can be changed with the Set Animation input.
Glitch Value Number The intensity of the glitchy post process effect. 0 is no effect.
Opacity Number The opacity of the Echo. 0 is invisible.