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Add additional textures to your map including letters, markings, gore, bones, panels and other details. Not available on Classic Modules.



Object: Decal

Category: FX

Type: Placeable Objects






Property Type Description
Decal Enum Choose decal.
Decal Preset Enum Choosing a decal preset will preconfigure color, specular color, emissive color, and opacity channel parameters for you.
Color RGB The diffuse color of the decal.
Specular Color RGB The color of reflected light. A specular highlight is the bright spot on a smooth or shiny object.
Emissive Color RGB The glow color and intensity. Intensity ranges from 0 (no glow) to 15.
Opacity Channels RGB Controls the opacity of the diffuse, specular, power and normal channels.
Size XY Size The width and height of the decal.
Depth Z Size The decal will be projected on all surfaces within the projection depth. The depth should be as small as possible for optimal game performance.
Angle Degrees The decal's rotation in degrees.
Normal Blend Number The blend value controlling the normal map blending modes (overlay or override). If 0, the decal and underlying textures will not be blended.
Layer Integer The order of decals when placed on top of each other. Layer 0 is the top layer.
Flip Horizontally Boolean If true, the decal will be flipped along the horizontal axis.
Flip Vertically Boolean If true, the decal will be flipped along the vertical axis.
Invert Normalmap Boolean If true, the the direction of the normal map will be inverted. Innies will be outies, and ridges will be valleys.
Overlay Normal Boolean If true, the bumpy detail of the decal will be added to that of the underlying surface. This makes the decal appear flexible like paint or sand.
Override Normal Boolean If true, the decal's normals will overwrite the surface's normals. You won't see any bumpy detail from under the decal.
Dynamic Only Boolean If true, decals will only appear on dynamic models. Mutually exclusive with 'Static Only'.
Static Only Boolean If true, decals will only appear on static geometry. Mutually exclusive with 'Dynamic Only'.
Extend Fade Boolean If true, decals will fade out at a longer distance.
Ignore Fade Boolean If true, decals will not fade out. Set to false for best performance.