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Cached Object

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Cached Object

A Cached Object variable will store away an object, allowing the stored object to be referenced later in a logic chain.



Object: Cached Object

Category: Variables


Set.png Set (Cached Object) Set the Cached Object to the activator. This allows you to store the activator for future use.
Get.png Get Get the currently held value in the Cached Object. Used with the On Get output.
Clear.png Clear (Cached Object) Clear the currently held value in the Cached Object.


OnChanged.png On Changed When the value changes, send a signal. The activator is the Resource or Cached Entity that changed. There is no activator for Boolean, Color, Integer, Number or String variables.
Get.png On Get When the Cached Object receives a Get input, send a signal. The object held in the Cached Object is the activator.


Property Type Description
Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Icon Grid Picker Icon of this object. Change the icon to make it easy to identify.