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Boolean Messenger

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There are times when you will need to send a signal to distant parts of your map. You can use a Boolean to pass messages from one place to one or more other places in your map. This pattern is useful for keeping complex maps organized.

There is a method of creating non-linear Checkpoints that takes advantage of Boolean Messengers.

Use a Boolean to Send Messages

Add a Boolean variable. This Boolean will be used exclusively to send messages, so I have named it Boolean Messenger.

When the player reaches a certain point in my map, I want to enable a teleporter in a distant module. First, I will add a copy of my Boolean Messenger. Then I will connect it to a Teleporter Pad with On Changed and Enable Teleporter.

Now I can move this Teleporter connected to a Boolean Messenger anywhere in the map. When my Boolean Messenger is changed using the Toggle input, the Teleporter will be enabled. I can use as many copies of Boolean Messenger as needed to enable as many Teleporter Pads as I want. This allows me to send many output signals to every corner of my map.