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Blocking Box

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Blocking Box

The Blocking Box prevents players, projectiles, and demons from passing through the defined volume, It can use different textures, colors and can be used as a Skybox.



Object: Blocking Box

Category: Volumes


Disable.png Disable Volume Disable the Trigger or Player Blocking Volume.
Enable.png Enable Volume Enable the Trigger or Player Blocking Volume.
Delete.png Delete Delete the object from the map. An object can't reset, respawn or otherwise reappear for the remainder of the match.
Show.png Make Visible Make the volume visible to the player. The volume will be transparent.
Hide.png Make Invisible Make the volume invisible to the player. The volume still functions, just can't be seen.
Setcolor.png Set Color Set the RGB color value as specified in the input's properties.




Property Type Description
Name String The name of this object. Rename an object to make it easy to identify.
Render Model Enum What render model to use.
Model Color RGB Controls the color of the base model.
Accent Color 1 RGB Modifies Accent Color 1.
Accent Color 2 RGB Modifies Accent Color 2.
Bloom Color RGB Defines Bloom Color.
Bloom Intensity RGB Intensity of Bloom Color.
Size XYZ Size The dimensions of the object.
Color RGB The red, green and blue components of the RGB color value.
Block Shots Boolean If true, projectiles will be prevented from passing through the defined volume.
Show on Start Boolean If true, this object will be shown on map start.
Static Boolean If true, this object's inputs and outputs will be disabled and it will not contribute to network limits.
Block Demons Boolean If true, demons will be prevented from walking into the defined volume.
Block AI Sight Boolean If true, AI can't see through the volume.