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Bigger Loadouts

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Currently, the player can only hold a maximum of two weapons at a time. Until this is changed, use the following pattern to give your player as many weapons as you'd like.

Use Many Player Loadouts

See the example map named Patterns: Bigger Loadouts with map ID 7P9FLBTR.

Add a Player Input object, be sure to enable the Player Input.

Add a Sequencer with the properties Repeat Sequence set to true, Run One Output Per Signal set to true, and Shared Sequence set to false.
PatternBiggerLoadouts seq.PNG

Create one Player Loadout for each of the weapons that you'd like to give your player. For best results, assign only Weapon 1 in the properties and leave Weapon 2 empty.

String these objects together so that when the player presses the Change Weapon button, the next loadout in the sequence will be given to the player.

Additionally, you may wish to give your player the first weapon in the sequence on spawn.