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Auto-Pickup Weapons

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Some maps may benefit from the Quake-style weapon pickups, where the player only has to run over the weapon to pick it up.

Use a Trigger Volume

Youtube user reetuh has created a tutorial video named Quake style auto-pickup weapons in DOOM Snapmap. Using a Trigger Volume and a Timer, the classic pickup and respawn style is mimicked.

An example map named Pattern: Auto-Pickup Weapons has been published with map ID WANWKWT6.

Place the weapon on the pickup location. Add a Cylinder Trigger and connect it to the placed weapon with On Entered and Remove.

Add a Player Inventory and connect it to the Cylinder Trigger with On Entered and Give Weapon. Set the Weapon property on the Give Weapon input to the weapon that was previously placed.

Add a Timer and connect it to the Cylinder Trigger with On Entered and Start Timer. Connect the Timer to the placed Weapon with On Timer Finished and Respawn. Optionally, you may want to set the Timer's Show on HUD property to false to hide the countdown from the player.

On the Cylinder Trigger, set the Cooldown property to the same duration as the Timer (10 seconds by default). To hide the Cylinder Trigger, set the Show on Start property to false. Move the Cylinder Trigger so that it encases the weapon.
Using this method, the weapon will be added to the player's inventory. If the player already has two weapons, it will replace the one that is being held when the player touches the trigger. Picking up a weapon will also replenish some ammo.